Albert Stroller
Head Chef/Owner
Born in Brooklyn in 1960, Albert worked in restaurants and as a caterer for years before starting his own business.
John Taylor
John was born on February 21, 1947 in Pula, Istria, in present-day Croatia, a region in that was once part
Gary Benson
Born in 1971 in Ethiopia, Gary was adopted by a Swedish family and cultivated a deep love for cooking via
Gary Fiships
Chief Waiter
Gary works at Betasso longer, than anyone else. That kind of tenure's length allows him to provide mindful advise to
Melanie Lowe
Melanie Lowe
Desserts Sous Chef
Melanie has a sweet tooth for anything.. sweet! That comes natural, as she was born in Paris. The rich traditions
Mary Winford
Mary Winford
Saucier Sous Chef
Mary curates our delicious collection of sauces. She's a master for preparing both meat, fish and vegetable sauces, the ones